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Signed GOLDEN BOY first edition paperback (English Language)

$10.00 / Sold Out

Fancy a gender revolution? This “grippingly innovative” novel featuring angelic intersex sixteen-year-old Max Walker, has a “radical non-binary, pro-intersex message” (Autostraddle).

Deconstructing gender at every turn, Golden Boy is published in over 75 countries, and in 7 languages. The much-loved characters and vital messages about gender, love, and acceptance, gained the book an American Library Association ALEX Award for its importance to teenage readers.

Order here, directly from the author, to receive a signed book, specifying a message or a name that the signature should be made out to.

UK/Aus/Commonwealth readers ordering from the site will receive the Orion paperback edition (black and white photo, with orange writing), and USA/Canada readers will receive the Atria Books paperback (purple-ish cover!).

Note: Shipping costs are the exact amount for shipping, and I apologize for our terrible, unfortunately privatized system. Unfortunately, UK postage really is this high!